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By Thomas Griffiths

Учебник фехтования рапирой середины XIX века.
Описываются основыне позиции, защиты.
Атакам внимания не уделяется.
Описываются обводы и переводы оружия - «финты» в терминологии автора.
Книга написана кратким и ясным языком, лекгим для понимания и перевода (при условии, что читатель знает основы фехтования и нумерацию позиций).

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They teach angles as opposed to techniques. All techniques, regardless of their stylized characteristics, will travel along the path of one of the 12 angles of attack identified in the Filipino martial arts. Accordingly, all openings presented to you will be along these same 12 angles. By dealing with common angles, and not individual techniques, you will dramatically reduce your reaction choices. Fewer choices to sort through in response to an attack or opening will lead to quicker responses. After training with the sticks and reverting back to empty hands, you will notice that your opponent’s empty hand actions will seem to move in slow motion.

Vertical Eye Stretch Sit in a relaxed position. Look straight ahead. Without moving your head, look as far down as you can. You should feel a slight stretch in your eye muscles. Hold the stretch for five seconds. Now focus your eyes straight ahead, relaxing them for one second. Repeat the eye stretch looking as far upward as you can, without moving your head. Hold for five seconds. Again, focus straight ahead and relax the eyes for one second. That is one repetition. You should do 5-10 repetitions.

All fights are bound to get sloppy. The objective in training is to practice good form for the sake of economy of motion, which directly increases speed. Focus Mitts Focus mitts are valuable tools that will help you develop mental speed. I recommend finding a competent boxing instructor or purchasing a training DVD or video that instructs you on the basics and proper use of the focus mitts. You will need a partner to get the most out of focus mitt training. The better your partner is at manipulating focus mitts, the better you will get at hitting them.

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