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By Benoit B. Mandelbrot

Clouds should not spheres, mountains usually are not cones, and lightening doesn't shuttle in a directly line. The complexity of nature's shapes differs in sort, no longer basically measure, from that of the shapes of normal geometry, the geometry of fractal shapes.

Now that the sector has extended drastically with many energetic researchers, Mandelbrot offers the definitive evaluation of the origins of his principles and their new purposes. The Fractal Geometry of Nature relies on his hugely acclaimed past paintings, yet has a lot broader and deeper assurance and extra wide illustrations.

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In the description in terms of the lower dimensional branes, some of the worldvolume coordinates become noncommutative. Actually this noncommutative theory can be regarded as noncommutative Yang-Mills theory. Therefore the worldvolume theory of D-branes have two equivalent descriptions, namely the usual static gauge description using ordinary Yang-Mills theory and the noncommutative description using noncommutative Yang-Mills theory. It will be shown that these two descriptions correspond to two different ways of gauge fixing of the reparametrization invariance and its generalization.

Is very grateful to F. Sakata for the warm hospitality and to Faculty of Science of Ibaraki University for the financial support during his visiting at Ibaraki University. He would like to express his thanks also to the organizers of the workshop "Noncommutative Geometry and its Application to Physics" hold at Shonan-kokusaimura on May 31 st to June 4th of 1999 for inviting him to join this workshop and the editor of this proceedings to careful1y read and modify the draft of this paper. B. Nielson and M.

If such a relation hold, the worldvolume theory of the Dp-branes can also be regarded as the worldvolume theory of infinitely many D(p - 2r)-branes. We will show that some of the coordinates on the worldvolume of the Dp-branes become noncommutative if one consider it as the worldvolume theory of D(p - 2r)-branes. Actually the noncommutative theory we have is noncommutative Yang-Mills theory. Such a noncommutative description of the Dp-branes should be equivalent to the usual commutative descriptions.

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