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By David Maynor; et al

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SIP makes extensive use of SRV records to locate SIP services such as SIP proxies and registrars. com ) and consist of information describing service, transport, host, and other information. SRV records allow administrators to use several servers for a single domain, to move services from host to host with little fuss, and to designate some hosts as primary servers for a service and others as backups. An attacker’s goal, when attempting a DNS Poisoning or spoofing attack, is to replace valid cached DNS A, SRV, or NS records with records that point to the attacker’s server(s).

Immature Software DoS PDA/handheld softphones and first generation VoIP hardphones are especially vulnerable because they are not as mature or intensely scrutinized. VoIP call servers and IP PBXs also run on OS platforms with many known CVEs. , XML, Java) can become an attack vector. ■ VoIP Protocol Implementation DoS Send VoIP servers or endpoints invalid packets to exploit a VoIP protocol implementation vulnerability to a DoS attack. org). 323 packets to exploit Windows ISA memory leak and exhaust resources.

CSCed33037 uses unsecured IBM Director agent ports to gain administrative control over IBM servers running Cisco VOIP products. Notes from the Underground… ANI/Caller-ID Spoofing Caller ID is a service provided by most telephone companies (for a monthly cost) that will tell you the name and number of an incoming call. Automatic Number Identification (ANI) is a system used by the telephone company to determine the number of the calling party. To spoof Caller-ID, an attacker sends modem tones over a POTS lines between rings 1 and 2.

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