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By Xiande Xie, Ming Chen

This e-book introduces the bizarre shock-related mineralogical positive aspects of the surprised Suizhou L6 (S5) meteorite. The olivine and pyroxene in Suizhou demonstrate a mosaic surprise function, whereas such a lot of plagioclase grains have reworked to glassy maskelynite. many of the shock-induced soften veins within the meteorite are the best, straightest and thinnest ones between all shock-vein-bearing meteorites, and comprise the main considerable high-pressure mineral species. one of the eleven pointed out species, tuite, xieite, and the post-spinel CF-phase of chromite are new minerals. The meteorite skilled a top surprise strain as much as 24 GPa and temperatures of as much as one thousand° C. in the community built surprise veins have been shaped on the comparable strain, yet at an increased temperature of approximately 2000° C that was once produced by means of localized shear-friction rigidity. The speedy cooling of the tremendous skinny surprise veins is the most the reason is, eleven shock-induced high-pressure mineral levels should be preserved in them so good. This ebook deals a precious advisor for meteoritics researchers and mineralogists and important source for experts operating in high-pressure and high-temperature mineralophysics.

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6); (2) identification of phases transformed in solid state or crystallized and quenched from shock-induced melt at high pressures and temperatures; (3) determination of the chemical formula of Suizhou minerals and high-pressure polymorphs and assignments of cations to site occupancies, as in analyzing new minerals tuite and CaFe2O4- and CaTi2O4-structured polymorphs of chromite; (4) mapping of elements in different phases in the shock melt veins; and (5) study of melt-vein minerals with incorporation of additional elements from the surrounding matrix melt.

Publishing House of the China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, pp 131–143 (in Chinese) Li ZH, Wang DD, Ouyang ZY et al (1990) A raman spectroscopic study of the Suizhou metorite. In: A synthetical study of Suizhou meteorite. Publishing House of the China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, pp 91–96 (in Chinese) Lu YL, Wang RJ (1990) A lead, oxygen and sulfur isotope study of the Suizhou meteorite. In: A synthetical study of Suizhou meteorite. Publishing House of the China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, pp 120–125 (in Chinese) Qiu JR, Wang RJ, Pan DJ (1990) The fusion crust constituent of the Suizhou meteorite and its significance.

02 wt%. 011 wt%. 486 wt%. Na2O and K2O contents are also extremely low. 02 wt%. d. d. d. d. d. d. d. d. not detected; Fa—fayalite, Fo—forsterite, Mo—monticellite, Li—liebenbergite, Te—tephroite a Data from Wang et al. (1990) b Data from Hou et al. 2 Rock-Forming Minerals 41 point out that the Suizhou olivine contains small amount of NiO. 039 wt%. Raman Spectroscopy Raman spectra recorded from the Suizhou olivine grains show strong and sharp peaks at 851 and 821 cm−1, and weak peaks at 915, 951, 584, 424, and 299 cm−1 (Fig.

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