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By Bob Schetgen

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A screen is a mechanism that is used to stop more simplistic attacks such as SYN and UDP floods (note that although these types of attacks are “simple” in nature, they can quickly overrun a server or even a firewall). Screens allow the administrator of an SRX Series product to set up specific thresholds for TCP and UDP sessions. Once these thresholds have been exceeded, protection mechanisms are enacted to minimize the threat of these attacks. We will discuss the screen feature in detail in Chapter 6.

You can learn more details about Junos in Chapter 2. The ScreenOS operating system aged gracefully over time, but it hit some important limits that prevented it from being the choice for the next-generation SRX Series products. First, ScreenOS cannot separate the running of tasks from the kernel. All processes effectively run with the same privileges. Because of this, if any part of ScreenOS were to crash or fail, the entire OS would end up crashing or failing. Second, the modular architecture of Junos allows for the addition of new services, since this was the initial intention of Junos and the history of its release train.

Service provider public services through email or web browsing. More and more people who would typically not use the Internet are now accessing the Internet through these mobile devices, which means that access to the public network is advancing in staggering demographic numbers. This explosion of usage has brought a new challenge to mobile operators: how to provide a resilient data network to every person in the world. Such a mobile network, when broken down into smaller, easy-to-manage areas, provides a perfect example of how an SRX Series firewall can be utilized to secure such a network.

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