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This strategy is promising in the fabrication of 3DOM perovskites with mesoporous walls. Based on the evaporation-induced self-assembly (EISA) method reported by Yang et al. [232], a number of mesoporous single and mixed metal oxides have been produced. e. SrTiO3 with mesoporous structure was prepared using the EISA method with a specially formulated non-ionic block-copolymer KLE3739 (PBH79block-PEO89, PBH = hydrogenated poly(butadiene)) template [233]. As shown in Figure 33, the walls are composed of nanoparticles (10−20 nm in size).

A) (b) 50 nm (d) (c) (f) (e) 50 nm 5 nm 20 nm 10 nm 5 nm Figure 33. HRTEM images of a SrTiO3 mesoporous ordered network (a−c) before crystallization, obtained at 590 oC, and (d−e) after crystallization, obtained at 630 oC[233]. Controlled Fabrication and Catalytic Applications … 35 Although 3DOM metal oxides can be synthesized following the above mentioned methods, their surface areas are still relatively low (< 100 m2/g) and the pores are only macropores without mesopore formation on the walls.

36 Jiguang Deng, Lei Zhang, Yuxi Liu et al. Figure 34. TEM images of (a) as-prepared BaTiO3 crystallites and the SAED pattern (inset), nanoporous BaTiO3 calcined (b) at 300 oC and (c) at 400 oC[234]. Compared to mesoporous single metal oxides, reports on the synthesis of mesoporous binary or mixed oxides via a nanocasting route are few [237−240]. To the best of our knowledge, there is no report claiming the successful preparation of mesoporous perovskites following such a nanocasting route. By carefully controlling the calcination temperature for perovskite structure formation and fully filling the mesopores of the hard template with a homogenous precursor solution, however, it is possible to make mesoporous perovskites through the nanocasting process.

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