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By Grigorii A. Margulis, Richard Sharp

during this booklet the seminal 1970 Moscow thesis of Grigoriy A. Margulis is released for the 1st time. Entitled "On a few elements of the speculation of Anosov Systems", it makes use of ergodic theoretic strategies to check the distribution of periodic orbits of Anosov flows. The thesis introduces the "Margulis degree" and makes use of it to acquire an exact asymptotic formulation for counting periodic orbits. This has an instantaneous program to counting closed geodesics on negatively curved manifolds. The thesis additionally comprises asymptotic formulation for the variety of lattice issues on common coverings of compact manifolds of destructive curvature.

The thesis is complemented through a survey through Richard Sharp, discussing newer advancements within the concept of periodic orbits for hyperbolic flows, together with the consequences acquired within the gentle of Dolgopyat's breakthroughs on bounding move operators and charges of combining.

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1. L=' (V) _ 1 (V) U,U2 Note that 10(0) is independent of V. < o. 2) 50 On Some Aspects of the Theory of Anosov Systems For an arbitrary covering {Ui } of W n , by diam{UJ denote sUPi diam U,. Suppose that {Ui } is a finite covering of wn with open subsets, each of which has the A-property with respect to 1+ 1 and k . Divide Vk into nonintersecting V. such that for any i, V. belongs to Ui and coincides with an intersection of a finite number of open or closed sets. Let V be an open subset of V k , and V n 8V k = 0.

79). 5 is complete. D Theorem 4. If f is a continuous function on wn and t > 0, then . 80) 6 Asymptotics of the Number of Periodic 'frajectories 47 Proof. Let us construct a finite covering of wn with U. , Pi, to). Then f = l: f. with f. supported in U•. , we get the assertion of the theorem. 0 Let II(R) be the number of periodic trajectories of {Tt} with minimal periods smaller than R. Theorem 5. 81) Proof. By theorem 4, n - - 1im H(W, dRR - t, R + t) R-oo (5/+1 -1 t - dt _ (5/+1 d -t t. 83) R1 '5:.

The set U(w, Q, P) is naturally isomorphic to the direct product of Q and P, and the topology on U(w, Q, P) coincides with the direct product of topologies on Q and P. Denote by 71"1 the natural projection U(w, Q, P) ~ Q and by 71"2 the natural projection U(w, Q, P) ~ P. 64) Let "( > 0 be fixed. } be a covering of Q with a finite system of its open subsets so that for any i, diamQ. < ,,(, and let {PJ } be a similar covering of P with diam PJ < "( (diam with respect to Pst+l and PSk). , diamPJ ).

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