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By A. B. Kampunzu, M. Popoff (auth.), Professor Dr. A. B. Kampunzu, Professor Dr. R. T. Lubala (eds.)

The African continent is exclusive in that it has escaped frequent orogenic task after the Pan African orogenic occasion. accordingly, the African Plate offers the world's top instance of the connection among extensional magmatism and structural surroundings. this primary whole and up to date evaluation, written through top scientists, discusses the evolutionary version and provides a brand new and trustworthy foundation for scientists engaged on plate tectonics and extensional components in different continents.

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Roma, 212 p Gregory JW (1900) Geology of Mount Kenya. Q J Geol Soc Lond 56: 205-222 Meyer H (1900) Der Killimandjaro. Dietrich Reimer, Berlin, 436 p (with 1: 2 million tectonic map, p 292) Prior GT (1900) On aegirine and riebeckite anorthoclase rocks related to the "grorudite-tinguaite" series, from the neighbourhood of Adowa and Axum, Abyssinia. Mineral Mag 12:255-273 Kohlschuetter E (1901 a) Die Grabenlaender im noerdlichen Deutsch-Ost-Afrika. Z Ges Erdk Berlin, 36:152-164 Kohlschuetter E (1901 b) Die kartographischen und geophysischen Arbeiten der Pendel-Expedition der Koeniglichen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Goettingen in Deutsch-Ost-Afrika.

In addition, any petrogenetic scheme for the mafic compositions has to take account of Ca which is significant in the central fields of Katwe-Kikorongo and Bunyaruguru (11-16 wtOJo CaO) while the northern fields of Fort Portal and Kasekere (Fig. 1) have entirely carbonatitic products. The volcanics of the central fields show the most notable enrichments of K, Ti and incompatible and LIL elements the geochemical characteristics of which have been described by Higazy (1954), Holmes (1965), Bell and Powell (1969), Mitchell and Bell (1976), Davies and Lloyd (1989).

One can note that both the Ordovician-Devonian and Permian igneous rocks reported above were emplaced when West and Central Africa were still located in the southern hemisphere (Morel and Irving 1978). This is in agreement with the Dupal-like component (Hart 1984) occurring in their compositions, based on the isotopic data (Thdhak: Weis et al. 1987) and trace element contents (Balche and Mangbai in: Bea et al. 1988). In northeastern Africa, especially in the Nile River valley, north from Khartoum towards the Egyptian frontier, the Ordovician-Devonian ring complexes and associated dykes could have been emplaced along NNW-SSE reactivated Pan-African fractures of the Zalingei folded zone (Schandelmeier et al.

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