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Therefore, despite OSHA regulations and cooperation from employers regarding provision of ear protection and reevaluating hearing status regularly, many persons will still exhibit noise-induced hearing loss in the future. Ear Protectors (Table 2-6) Table 2-6. Attenuation in dB in the Various Frequencies (Hz) Protection Type Fluid sealed muffs V-51R plug Glass down Waxed cotton Dry cotton 250 500 1000 2000 3000 4000 28 11 11 38 13 13 10 4 39 19 17 12 8 41 27 29 16 12 44 30 34 27 14 47 25 35 31 12.

More persons who previously had been told that they could not be helped by amplification are successfully wearing hearing aids. The numbers can become better with more intensive counseling and acceptance of amplification in the future. Table 2-9. Enzymes Found in the Organ of Corti and Stria Vascularis Succinate dehydrogenase Cytochrome oxidases Diaphorases (DPN, TPN) Lactic dehydrogenase Malic dehydrogenase Alpha-glycerophosphate-dehydrogenase Glutamate dehydrogenase. Table 2-10. Normal Labyrinthine Fluid Values Serum CSF Perilymph Endolymph Endolymph sac S.

The level at which the dysfluencies begin may be considered close to SRT. Evoked Response Audiometry (ERA) The ERA test is a truly objective measure of hearing, based on transient changes in the electric activities of the central nervous system in the presence of sound stimulation. This evaluation requires no voluntary response from the patient, and will be discussed in greater deatil in a later chapter. Stapedial Reflex Testing This is another objective test which may be helpful in estimating pure tone thresholds based on the levels at which the acoustic reflex is present compared to norms for normal hearing reflex thresholds.

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