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26 Less visible but more important are the myriad participants of the networks who, operating from personal or institutional (academic, corporate, or state) entry points, utilize the technology not only for their "official" work but in the pursuit of their (and their friends') own interests. What has been striking over the last few years has been the constitution of a proliferating network of networks almost totally devoted both to the subversion of the current order and to the elaboration of autonomous communities of like-minded people connected in non-hierarchical, rhizomatic fashion purely by the commonalty of their desires.

Marxian Categories & Social Subjectivity Page 37 restore its own ability to subordinate society. * Where they have succeeded they have gained ground in the class war; where they have failed capital has been successful in its counterattacks. , ~ordism-~e~nesianismkax-Americana. 9 Subsequently, in response to the variety of capitalist counterattacks launched in the 1970s and 1980s. from the reorganization of international money through the use of inflation and deflation to industrial and social restructuring, the theory of class composition has delineated both our failures to cope and the sources of our continuing strength.

Lawrence and Wishart. London. Menger, C. (1963) Problems of Economics ond Sociology. Univ of Illiiois. Urbana. Migdal, J. (1988) Strong Societies and Weak Slates. Princeton Univ Press, Princeton. Morgenthau, H. (1978) Politics Among Notions. Knopf, New York. Perlman, F. (1973) 'Introduction' to I. Rubin. Essays on Morx's Theory of Volue. Black Rose, Montreal. Picciotto, S. (1991) 'The Internationalisation of Capital and the International State System' in S. Clarke (ed), The State Debate. Mamillan, London.

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